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Dynamic Pricing - how to get started in 3 easy steps
Dynamic Pricing - how to get started in 3 easy steps

Automate your short-term rental pricing in 3 easy steps

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Why do you need Dynamic Pricing for your short-term rental? The answer is simple: listing platforms such as Airbnb have become highly competitive and your rental will stand out and will be favored by Airbnb algorithms when you set dynamic pricing optimized daily and automate it with our tool, with a potential to earn 40% more on your rental!

How to get started:

1. Sign up for a Mashvisor account:

  • From the side navigation click on Manage and go to Dynamic Pricing > Link my account

  • If you are not logged in you will see the following screen

  • Click on the "Link account for free" button

  • Signup for a Mashvisor account

    • If you already have a Mashvisor account, select the "Log in" option and log into your account

2. Link your short-term rental property

  • Once you have signed up on the following screen you will see a "Link your account" button - click on it!

  • You will be redirected to the Airbnb permission or Airbnb login screen—depending if you are already logged into Airbnb or not.

  • Once access has been granted to the system, Mashvisor’s Dynamic Pricing tool will analyze your account and show the list of all the properties that you can import into our tool. For more detailed steps on linking your account, see this guide.

3. Enable your calendar and automate your pricing

The Calendar will show you a monthly calendar that contains projected average market nightly rates based on demand, occupancy, seasonality, and other historical data.

To automate your price syncing with Airbnb, set a Base Price, Min Price, and Max Price. Click Configure Prices in the top-right corner of the calendar.

  • Base Price - This serves as your starting point or standard when setting prices.

  • Min Price - This is the lowest price you’re willing to set for your rental property.

  • Max Price - This is the highest price you’re willing to set for your rental property.

When you’re happy with the changes, you can sync the prices with your Airbnb calendar by toggling the Sync Prices switch. For more details on how to make adjustments and a step-by-step on synching prices see this guide.

Simply toggle this switch on and off when you want to start and stop syncing the prices with your Airbnb calendar.

You no longer need to switch between platforms to adjust the settings on your listing and update it.

For more Dynamic Pricing how-to-guides check these links:

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