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What Is Dynamic Pricing?
What Is Dynamic Pricing?

This article aims to give users an overview on Mashvisor's new Dynamic Pricing tool and how it can help them with their Airbnb business.

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Mashvisor’s Dynamic Pricing feature is a tool designed to help real estate investors, especially those who already own an Airbnb property or are looking to start a short term rental property business.

It is an intelligent pricing system that makes you, the investor, make informed decisions based on actual market data and insights. This system is supported by advanced machine learning algorithms that makes your job as a landlord or host a lot easier.

Gone are the days of manually setting prices and worrying about how the competition in your area is doing a lot better than you. With Mashvisor’s Dynamic Pricing, you can manage your vacation rental property with greater confidence knowing that you’ll stay competitive in your local market.

Connecting your account will allow you to easily evaluate other rental properties in the area and have a greater understanding of the market. You can also adjust your search and customize it with filters like property type and size. You can compare how your property stacks up against other similar properties in terms of:

  • Rental rates

  • Occupancy rates

  • Daily rates changes

Once you have all the information you need, you can set prices for your rental property by switching to the calendar view. The smart calendar feature will give you the option to set base, min, and max prices. The AI will then suggest daily prices for your listing.

The intelligent machine algorithm will make suggestions based on base market price, supply and demand, seasonality, and historical market data. Once you’re done and have reviewed the prices, you can effortlessly integrate your prices with the listing platform by simply syncing them.

Get ahead of the competition by embracing the power of machine learning with Mashvisor’s Dynamic Pricing.

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