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Understanding Base, Min, and Max Prices
Understanding Base, Min, and Max Prices

This article aims to help users understand the meaning of base, min, and max prices and how to set them.

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As a rental property investor and owner, you need to have a better understanding of why you do what you do. This should also translate into the strategies you employ as a short-term rental owner and host.

To better understand the reasons for Dynamic Pricing’s strategy options, let’s go over a few of the basic information you will find on the page.

Under My Listings, you will see the Airbnb properties you imported into your Mashvisor account.

Aside from the name of your Airbnb property and its city location, you will see the following details for each listing:

  • Number of bedrooms

  • Number of bathrooms

  • Property type

  • Base price

  • Min price

  • Max price

  • Review

  • Strategy

Let’s go over each of them.

Number of Bedrooms

This shows you the number of bedrooms of a particular rental property. In this given example, the listing shows that it has two bedrooms. While bookings aren’t exactly determined by bedroom count, it sure helps to keep potential guests informed about it.

Number of Bathrooms

This shows you the number of bathrooms in a particular rental property. In the example we gave, the listing shows that the unit has three bathrooms available to guests and renters. Generally, bathroom count is attractive to a large number of guests and inquirers. Ideally, a single-family rental should have at least two working bathrooms to generate interest.

Property Type

This shows you the type of rental property listed. Vacation rentals can be single-family homes, condos, apartments, townhouses, and cabins, among others.

Base Price

The Base Price reflects the starting price of your rental property. Providing the base price for your rental helps the data-backed AI model predict accurate prices on the calendar. The model does this by looking at how market trends adjust daily prices so you can optimize your rental income.

Min Price

The Min Price, or Minimum Price, is the lowest price that you're willing to rent your space for. This amount can be set manually. Doing this ensures that you don't lose money on a rental during slow seasons.

Max Price

The Max Price, or Maximum Price, is the highest price you’re setting for your rental property. Like the Min Price, this amount can also be set manually. Ideally, you only set your ceiling within the local market’s range so it is still within reach for many guests and renters. Setting prices that go beyond the acceptable market range will drive potential guests away from your rental.

For both Min and Max Prices, make sure to always set reasonable rates so you can optimize your property’s income-generating potential for both peak and off-peak seasons.


This shows you your rental property’s rating according to actual reviews and feedback from your guests on Airbnb. The highest score you will get is five stars. The higher your ratings, the more likely people will book stays at your property.


This particular section will show you the market-appropriate strategy for your rental property. The option that’s currently available is Recommended, which is optimized for maximum revenue.

By using our Dynamic Pricing tool, you can adjust your rental prices based on seasonal demand, local events, and the day of the week, among others. This will help you attract more guests during slow periods and maximize your rental income during peak seasons.

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