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How to Use the Dynamic Pricing Calendar
How to Use the Dynamic Pricing Calendar

This article aims to help users learn how to change and manage their Airbnb listings' rates on the Mashvisor platform.

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What makes Mashvisor’s Dynamic Pricing tool different from the others is its Calendar function. The calendar allows you to easily manage your linked Airbnb accounts under one platform.

Here’s how to use the Dynamic Pricing Calendar:

Step 1: Go to My Listings Under Dynamic Pricing in the Sidebar

Under My Listings, pick a property you would like to inspect or update. Click on Details at the end of the subject property’s row to go to the Dynamic Pricing feature.

Step 2: Click on the Calendar Tab Above the Listing

The Calendar will show you a monthly calendar that contains projected average market nightly rates based on demand, occupancy, seasonality, and other historical data.

Before anything else, you will get a prompt to set a Base Price, Min Price, and Max Price. If this doesn’t pop up automatically, click Configure Prices in the top-right corner of the calendar.

  • Base Price - This serves as your starting point or standard when setting prices.

  • Min Price - This is the lowest price you’re willing to set for your rental property.

  • Max Price - This is the highest price you’re willing to set for your rental property.

Fill out each box with the necessary information then click Apply. The prices you set will be added and synced with your calendar.

Step 3: Click on the Date to Make Adjustments

You can make adjustments to certain dates on the calendar by clicking on a particular date. These adjustments are called overrides as they allow you to override both your Mashvisor and Airbnb calendar’s settings, since you can only manage your Airbnb account using this tool.

Upon clicking a chosen date, a sidebar will slide in from the right and give you the following details:

  • For Period - This reflects the date duration you are making adjustments for.

  • Daily Price Override - This lets you change the rates for the duration selected.

  • Minimal Stay - This shows you the minimum number of days a guest can stay in your property.

  • Availability Toggle - This allows you to block off certain days on your calendar. This is especially useful if you are hosting friends or family or simply want to have the property to yourself on certain days.

Once you’re done making the necessary adjustments, click Apply. Your price settings will then be applied to your Mashvisor calendar.

When you’re happy with the changes, you can sync the prices with your Airbnb calendar by toggling the Sync Prices switch.

Sync Prices toggle turned off:

You will get a pop-up to confirm that you're switching on the Sync Prices toggle:

Sync Prices toggle turned on:

Simply toggle this switch on and off when you want to start and stop syncing the prices with your Airbnb calendar.

You will get a pop-up to confirm that you're switching off the Sync Prices toggle:

You no longer need to switch between platforms to adjust the settings on your listing and update it.

Note: Once your accounts have been linked, you can only manage your Airbnb account through your Mashvisor dashboard.

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