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Mashvisor's Tools & Features
Mashvisor's Tools & Features

This article aims to showcase the tools & features available at Mashvisor and how to use them.

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What is Mashvisor?

Mashvisor is an online real estate analytics platform that provides users with real estate data, projections and estimates that help them make wise investment decisions based on their investment goals and strategy.

From searching for an investment property, to analyzing properties and neighborhoods, to comparing large numbers of properties to identify the best ones for investing; Mashvisor provides its user with all the tools necessary to conduct a complete investment property analysis to enable them to make successful real estate investments that can help them achieve their financial goals.

Additionally, Mashvisor has an emphasis on comparing both rental strategies (Long-Term/Traditional Rentals vs Short-Term/Airbnb Rentals) to help real estate investors decide on the rental strategy that suits them best or that will generate the highest returns for each property and neighborhood. All of the tools and features can be switched between both rental strategies for quick comparisons, and the calculations will be provided for both rental strategies when available.

Searching for Properties

When it comes to searching for properties that you can invest in, Mashvisor offers a wide range of tools and features that make the process easier and faster than ever before.

  • Search Page

The first feature that you will encounter when using Mashvisor is the Search Page. This page includes a map function and several filters and customization options that will help you narrow down your search and find the perfect property that matches your search criteria.

  • Heat Map

Another feature that is available at Mashvisor's Search Page is the Heat Map tool.

This feature allows you to get a color-coded overlay of the map that shows you how each area of the market is performing for the metric that you have chosen. This allows you to easily get an idea of the optimal areas in a market that perform well when it comes to metrics such as the Cap Rate, Cash on Cash Return, Occupancy Rate, Rental Income, or Listing Price.

  • Property Finder

If you have a market or a number of markets in mind and you're looking for a quick option to find the best performing investment properties in those markets based on your search criteria and investment goals, then the Property Finder is the best tool for you.

This tool utilizes AI technologies and machine-learning algorithms to give you suggestions for the properties that match your needs the most, and it will sort them based on their profitability, which saves you the trouble of having to find these properties yourself and analyze them for their returns.

Real Estate Analytics

In addition to helping you search for and find investment properties, Mashvisor provides you with all the analytics you need to make wise investment decisions and learn about the financial future of your investment.

  • Rental Property Analytics Page

When it comes to investment properties, Mashvisor provides you with projections and calculations related to each rental property that is listed for sale.

Each property has its own analytics page that includes the property's information and characteristics.

Below that, you will find an interactive rental property calculator that gives you all the calculations you need for the ROI metrics used to analyze rental properties (Cap Rate, Cash on Cash Return, and Cash Flow).

The calculator includes a section for setting your financing method (cash or mortgage), with the type of mortgage that you want to use, the down payment, and the interest rate.

It also includes a section for calculating all the costs and expenses related to the property, which will be filled with default values based on each area's averages. These values can be modified, and additional custom expenses may be added in order to get the most accurate and relevant results for your calculations.

All of these sections are linked together, and any changes you make to any of these sections will affect the calculations for the rental strategy and the ROI that you will get from the property.

Below that, you will find a section that shows you what the Investment Payback Balance Period will be for this property based on the calculations made in the previous section of the page.

This can be used to see how long it will take for the property to pay for itself and start generating profits for you. This section can also be toggled between a table view and a graph view.

On the second tab of the Property Page, you will find more analytics that you can use for planning your investment. These include Rental Comps, Previous Sales of Similar Properties, as well as Insights.

  • Neighborhood Analytics Page

In addition to providing analytics for each investment property listed, Mashvisor also provides analytics for each neighborhood that you want to invest in within a market.

By going to a Neighborhood Analytics Page, you will find information related to that neighborhood's average stats such as the Cap Rate, Cash on Cash Return, Occupancy Rate, optimal rental strategy, median prices, and average rental income.

You will also find neighborhood comps and insights, as well as rent analysis, which can all be used to gain more information about investing in that neighborhood and how other investment properties in that neighborhood are performing.

Comps and Reports

Mashvisor allows the user to easily compare properties to identify the ones that suit their investment needs and goals. These comps can be found on the different pages, such as the property page and the neighborhood page, allowing you to easily access comps that are relevant to what you're looking for.

Additionally, Mashvisor gives the user an option to export a number of Excel sheet reports for each market or neighborhood based on the filters that they have selected. This Excel sheet report will include all the listings in the area that you're looking at, their info, zip codes, size, ROI metrics, and all the other info that you can use when comparing properties to find the one that suits you best.

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