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How to Use the Market Finder Filters
How to Use the Market Finder Filters

This article aims to help users understand the different filters in Market Finder and how to use them to find their ideal market.

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Mashvisor’s Market Finder also allows you to customize your search by using the filters included in the system.

Step 1: Click on the Filters button beside the search bar. A sidebar will then slide in on the right part of your screen that shows you the different filters you can use to customize your search.

Here are the following filters you can use:

  • Mashmeter Score. The Mashmeter Score shows you the overall grade of a particular location from A (highest) to D (lowest). You may select one or all of them to give you a better idea of how each neighborhood stacks up against each other.

  • School Rankings. Similar to the Mashmeter, the School Rankings filter allows you to see what each neighborhood has to offer by way of educational institutions.

  • Crime and Safety. This filter shows you which neighborhoods rank high in the safety category and which ones to be wary of.

  • Regulatory. Not all neighborhoods are friendly to rental property owners. So this filter shows you which areas have strict rental regulations, which ones have more lenient ordinances, and everything else in between.

  • Home Value. Selecting one of a range of values in this filter will show you markets with properties that fall under your selected price range.

  • Property Type. You can choose which property types you are interested in by clicking on one or more of the options given.

  • Monthly Rental Revenue. Using this filter will show you which properties can match your ideal monthly rental revenue. You can use the slider and place the circle on top of the amount you would like to get (at the very minimum) on a monthly basis.

  • Occupancy Rate. This filter allows you to look for properties that have the minimum occupancy rate of your choice. Simply use the slider to pick the occupancy rate percent you would like to have.

  • Cap Rate. This filter lets you see which areas offer cap rates that fall under each of the four range of numbers. Notice that the lowest cap rate you can choose is 2% to 4%. This ensures that you end up with properties that can give you a good enough return on your investment since a cap rate of 2% is already considered a good start.

Step 2: Pick any filter of your choice and click the Apply Filters button at the bottom right corner of the window.

You may check which filters are active by clicking on the Active Filters button above the Top Markets sidebar.

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