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How to Get Started With Market Finder
How to Get Started With Market Finder

This article aims to help users understand how to start using Market Finder.

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How to Get Started With Market Finder

Getting started with Market Finder isn’t rocket science. We made sure that you won’t have a hard time navigating the site and page to make your online property search a rewarding experience.

Step 1: Simply log on to Mashvisor and go to your Mashvisor account’s dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Search Markets once you get in.

Step 3: You will be taken to the Market Finder page. You will see a map of the United States that has blue labels with numbers on them. The numbers correspond to the number of markets under the Short Term or Long Term rental category.

Simply choose between short-term or long-term markets as your search category.

Step 4: To explore a market, you can manually enter any location of your choice in the search field or click on any blue label on the map.

When you click on a label or type in a location in the search bar, the map will zoom in on the area you clicked on or entered. You can adjust the view by zooming in or out.

Step 5: To go back to the nationwide view to look for other potential real estate markets, simply click on Top Markets on the upper part of your screen.

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