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What Is Mashvisor’s Market Finder?
What Is Mashvisor’s Market Finder?

This article aims to give users an overview on the new Market Finder tool.

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Real estate investing is all about location. Market Finder lets you see a bird’s eye view of the US housing market and determine the hottest markets and the best investment opportunities in and out of your state.

Market Finder lets you zoom in on areas so you can examine in greater detail what a city or a neighborhood has to offer. It offers a variety of tools to make the hunt for a financially rewarding property more cost and time efficient.

Market Finder uses a heatmap that shows you visually how a specific neighborhood is performing as an investment location for both long-term and vacation rentals. This tool lets you see which areas are performing well in their respective markets, which ones to avoid, and everything else in between.

Powered by the Mashmeter Score, customize your search using Mashvisor’s filters to see an area’s income-generating potential. Looking for the most financially rewarding location has never been easier.

Watch this brief overview of the Market Finder to become more familiar with this tool.

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