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Add and save property alerts
Add and save property alerts

Save property alerts and receive updates via email

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Mashvisor receives updated listings for sale nightly, and you can benefit from seeing these newly added properties first-hand.

Add email alerts to see property selections appear in your email at the cadence you select: daily, weekly or monthly.

Find Alerts area in the navigation, or follow this direct link:

When adding a new alert, make sure to name it in case you need to edit it in the future. You can select from a variety of filters - just keep in mind not to make filters too restrictive, otherwise you may miss out on some great properties.

Most investors select a property price range and set a minimum Cap rate (we recommend setting it at 4% as a minimum). If you see too many properties that may be missing the mark, edit your alerts to tighten up the filters.

If no properties meeting your criteria have been added, we will not send you an email alert.

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