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Lead Profile Feature - Data Methodology
Lead Profile Feature - Data Methodology

This article aims to help real estate agents learn how our Lead Profile feature works and the data methodology that we use

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What is Mashvisor's Lead Profile feature?

Mashvisor's Lead Profile feature is a new feature that is 100% unique to Mashvisor, and it uses the latest AI technologies to analyze and assess real estate investors (leads) and project their seriousness and willingness to purchase an investment property.

We've programmed our AI to use a new technology - BPA (Behavioral Predictive Analysis). This technology allows our AI to process very large amounts of historical data that we collect from numerous verified sources about real estate investors. Our AI has been perfected to accurately predict whether an investor is serious about investing in a property (become a client) or not, and it will automatically rate each investor based on the probability to help real estate agents avoid working with leads that aren't serious about investing, and focus on leads that are guaranteed to become their clients.

What's our AI's success rate? Our AI has been able to predict the lead's likelihood to purchase with a success rate of 90%. However, the more users that use our platform and the more leads that are analyzed by the tool, the success rate can increase significantly as it will learn from the experience and will take any newly added data or user interactions into consideration in order to improve its analytics.

What Data Does the AI Base its Analysis On?

We collect a very large amount of data on each investor. To give you a few examples, some of the info that we gather includes:

  • Demographics Data such as the marital status, occupation, and education.

  • Lifestyle & Interests such as the type of magazines that the investor reads, the kind of sports they're interested in, the type of entertainment, their travel frequency and destinations, and the technologies that they use.

  • Financial & Household Data such as their household income and their residency.

This is just a small example of the data that we collect.

Our AI will then take that data and recognize certain patterns based on each investor's info. For example, our AI might notice that people who have X Demographic Data, Y Lifestyle & Interests Data, and Z Financial & Household Data share a pattern, and that 90% of these people will typically purchase an investment property in a certain amount of time.

But investors who are looking to purchase properties are not the only ones that we analyze. In addition to analyzing investors, we also collect data on property owners who own the properties that we have listed on the platform. This allows us to know what the different types of people are most attracted to in each property, which helps our AI predict an investor's likelihood to purchase a property based on the different properties that they have viewed and by comparing them with the current property's owner, their lifestyle, their interests, and several other criteria.

While this might sound like it's out of a sci-fi movie, the results that we provide are fairly accurate, and they are based on hundreds of thousands of investors and potential leads.

How Can You Help Us Improve the Data?

Our success rate at predicting the lead's likelihood to purchase is 90%. This, however, does not mean that we're not looking to improve this rate and make it more reliable.

When you're using the Lead Profile feature on Mashvisor, you will notice that you will be required to fill out some info about each lead, as well as to rate the accuracy of our predictions.

These steps are crucial for our machine learning AI in order to help it better its data and accuracy. Our AI was programmed to learn from its own mistakes, as well as to analyze all types of data that we provide it with.

This means that every Lead Profile that you fill and every rating that you give will directly improve our data and make the results that you're seeing more accurate.

What is the Value of This Feature?

Using this feature, a real estate agent will be able to upload a list of any number of leads to Mashvisor to get an automatic analysis and rating for each lead, eliminating the agent's need to contact each lead individually and following-up with them without even being certain that the lead will turn into a client.

Mashvisor's Lead Profile feature allows you to cherry-pick your leads based on our analytics and ratings in order to guarantee that the leads you're working with are leads that will turn into customers and who are serious about purchasing or investing in a property.

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