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How to Customize Your Search Results
How to Customize Your Search Results

This section aims to help the user learn how to use our Platform in order to customize their search results and filter out unwanted results.

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Customize your search
On the search results page, you will find a number of customization options that can be used to either filter out unwanted search results or pin-point the exact search results that you're looking for.

On the top side of the screen, you will find a number of buttons and tabs that you can use to customize certain metrics related to your search results.

Starting from the left side, and next to the search bar, you will find an option that lets you choose between Cash and Mortgage depending on your method of financing.

If you choose mortgage as your method of financing, a drop-down list will appear to let you choose the type of mortgage that you will be using, its interest rate, and the down payment that you will be making.

Next to the cash/mortgage option, you will find a tab for setting your preferred CoC Return rate, allowing you to filter out properties that fall below your desired CoC Return target.

Next to that, a similar tab is available for you to set your Cap Rate preference and filter out properties that fall below your desired rate.

To further optimize your search results and make sure that the results you're getting are affordable to you, you can set your budget amount anywhere between $50K and $5M.

Next to that, you are able to filter your search results based on the specific neighborhood/s that you're targeting. The drop-down list will show you all the available areas within the city, allowing you to choose one or multiple areas to show you the neighborhood that are within those areas.

Last but not least, you can customize your search results even further through the "more filters" tab, allowing you to filter out properties based on the number of bedrooms/bathrooms, year built, square footage, rental income (both Airbnb and traditional), and property type (single-family home, townhouse, Condo...etc)

Additionally, the "more filters" section includes filters for the property status. The property status includes the options of foreclosed, sold, pending, and for sale properties depending on the actual status of the property.

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