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Getting Started with Mashvisor
Getting Started with Mashvisor

This article is designed to help the user navigate the platform and search for properties using the property finder tool and its functions

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Start by entering your search destination

On Mashvisor's homepage, the first thing that you will see will be our search bar.

You can use this search bar to type in any name of state, city, or neighborhood, and a drop-down list will give you all the available cities that we have on our platform based on the keyword that you've entered.

Search Results

Once you enter the name of the city that you're interested in, in this example it's Austin, you will be redirected to the map page and your search results, with a large number of options to customize your search and find the exact results that you're looking for.

The first thing that you will notice on the map are the property location pins representing investment properties.

You can also add a neighborhood overlay to see additional neighborhood information.

Hover over any neighborhood to get a quick view of its stats, which include the neighborhood's median property price, the rental income and the average Cash on Cash Return and Cap Rates for both Airbnb and traditional investment properties within that neighborhood.

Heat Map

In addition to the properties view of the map, there is an option that allows you to view the Heat Map of the area.

The heat map provides the user with a visual indication of the area based on your metric of choice. This gives the user an idea of which areas within a city or a neighborhood have better stats or values for their metric of choice.

To access the heat map, open the Heat map filters menu bar.

This will give you a drop-down list of the different metrics to choose from, which include:

  • Traditional CoC Return

  • Airbnb CoC Return

  • Airbnb Rental Income

  • Traditional Rental Income

  • Listing price

  • Airbnb Occupancy Rate

You can also chose a full color or monochromatic heat map option. Once you choose one of the metrics, your view of the map will switch to the heat map, and the colors will indicate from green to red the area's opportunity based on your metric of choice. Green means better opportunity vs red; and a darker color on the monochromatic map means better opportunity vs lighter.

Additional Options

Next to the search bar, select from a number of filter options that will allow you to focus on a specific property selection criteria or reclaculate the data based on your financing if you select mortgage option. "Sorting" allows you to sort based one of several options, from Maashvisor score (an overall investment potential return rating) to Cap and Cash on Cash Rates.

On the tab panel, you can choose the type of properties that you want to view on the map by clicking on the tabs on top of the panel (Investment, Short-term, and Long-term).

The investment properties is your default search results, as they represent the properties that are up for sale in that area.

The Short-term and Long-term properties will give you a list of all properties in our database that are being rented out in the area based on their rental strategy.

Finally, "Link your Airbnb property" allows you to lookup any Airbnb property's returns - if it has been added to our database (only stand-alone Airbnb properties with 3+ reviews and 3+ months of activity can be accessed).

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