How to Set Up Your Account

This guide aims to help users set up their accounts and understand the different options available to them.

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How to access your account settings:

When using Mashvisor's platform, whether you're on the Property Finder or the Analytics page, you will be able to access your account settings by clicking on "My Account" on the top right corner of the screen and clicking on the "View Profile" button through the drop-down menu.

On the main Account page, you will be able to see/add/edit your profile picture by clicking on the image on the top left side of the screen.
You will also be able to see your e-mail address for this account which will be displayed on the top right side of the screen.
Below your profile picture, you can see the type of your account based on the subscription plan of your choice (Basic Account, Professional Account, or Expert Account).
Also below your profile picture, you will have a number of options and different sections to customize and edit your account settings:-

Upgrade Account

This option allows you to upgrade your account and the features that you will have access to on our platform.
Clicking on the "Upgrade Account" button will give you a small window showing your current account type and the account type that you will upgrade to if you choose to do so.

Email Settings

This section allows you to customize your settings related to the Mashvisor e-mails that you will be receiving.
You may choose to turn on/off the different types of e-mails that we send regularly to our subscribers.

  • City Alerts: This includes e-mails that notify the user on the newly added cities on our platform. This is an especially useful option for Expert Accounts, as this option allows them to be notified whenever the cities that they requested have been added to the platform.

  • Email Communications: These four options allow you to configure the types of e-mails that you would like to receive from us, categorized by Marketing Information, Monthly Newsletter, Blog & Investment Tips, and the Product Features Upgrade.

Edit Profile

This section includes your account info and your personal details and preferences.

Your Details:
This section allows you to set up/change your first and last name on the platform, your e-mail address, and your phone number.

Investment Details:
This section greatly affects your experience when using our platform, as the details you fill in this section will affect your search results and your preferences, and it includes:

  • Investment Budget: This will set your investment budget when searching for properties to a default of your choice. You can still change your target budget when searching for a property, but the value you set on your account settings will be the default value.

  • Financing: This sets your default choice between Cash or Mortgage, depending on your preference and method of financing.

  • Cities Interested In: This allows for further optimization and better results when trying to find the properties of your choice, preferring the cities that you're interested in, and sending you e-mail alerts related to these cities.

  • Real Estate Background: This allows us to further optimize your search results and provide you with better services that are optimal for your background in the real estate market.

  • Interested In: Similar to your real estate background, this option allows us to optimize our content to suit your investment needs and strategies, and helps us show you better results that meet your investment criteria.

  • I'm Looking to Buy an Investment Property: This option allows you to set the time-frame during which you intend to find and purchase an investment property, which can help us filter out any undesirable properties from your search results.

  • Purchasing Property: This is where you let us know whether you're hiring a real estate agent, or if you're interested in hiring one, which can help us find a way to connect you with an agent to help you close your deal more easily.


This section provides you with information related to your subscription plan, its price, and your payment details such as your credit card type, number, and expiration date, as a list of receipts and transactions tied to your account.

Cancelling Your Account
To cancel your account, you can click on the "Cancel Plan" button on the top right corner of the "Your Details" section.
After clicking, you will get a small confirmation window to confirm your cancellation and offer the option to continue receiving our e-mails or not.

On the top right corner of the "Payment Details" section, you can click the "Change Card" button to change your credit card info.

Saved Homes

This section shows you a list of all properties that you've saved, their information (Type, price, rating, and tenant occupation) as well as the options to share the property or its report through an e-mail or to print out an easy-to-read report on the property and its analytics.

In order to "save" a property, click on the "heart" icon on the top right corner of the screen when viewing the property on the property analytics page.

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