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Your Search for Investment Property Begins and Ends Here
Your Search for Investment Property Begins and Ends Here

Use analytics to find lucrative traditional or Airbnb properties in a matter of minutes. No more spreadsheets, no more searching.

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Rental Strategy Comparison

Know how much you’ll make on a property whether you list it on Airbnb or traditionally. Use the comparing values to decide which strategy is more lucrative for a particular property. The comparison shows the difference in:

  •  Rental Income

  •  Cash Flow

  •  Cash on Cash Return

  •  Cap Rate

  •  Occupancy Rate

  •  Monthly Expenses

Interactive Purchase Analysis and Investment Property Calculator

Instead of creating spreadsheets, use the investment property calculator in the Purchase Analysis to fine-tune your costs and view the newly calculated returns. Not only can you enter your own numbers, but also the expenses are pre-calculated for you such as interest rate, property tax, maintenance, and more. The calculator allows you to enter/change:

  •  One-time Startup Costs

  •  Recurring Expenses

  •  Mortgage and Financing Details

Personalize and Share The Property

Personalize the property by giving it your own personal rating and making your own notes. You can also share the property with a friend or agent and they will get access to the property report. Or better yet, download the PDF version of the report, which you can also share with an agent.

Compare Your Property to Other Properties

By clicking on the Valuation Analysis, you can view nearby Airbnb and Traditional listings and see how similar they are to the property. The comparison includes:

  •  Overall Rating (based on distance, property type, number of beds and baths)

  •  Airbnb Occupancy Rate

  •  Airbnb Nightly Rate

  •  Airbnb Ratings and Reviews

  •  Rental Income

  •  Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Know Your Neighborhood and Property Numbers

The Insights tab gives an overall evaluation of the neighborhood, the property, and the Airbnb market. The overall investment property valuation score is based on:

  •  Cash on Cash Return

  •  Cap Rate

  •  Property Design

  •  Rent Appreciation Rate

  •  Neighborhood Rating

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