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What Is the Mashmeter Score?
What Is the Mashmeter Score?

This article aims to help users understand the Mashmeter Score, a metric widely used in Market Finder.

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Market Finder utilizes the Mashmeter score and shows markets across the US based on grades from A+ to D.

How is the Mashmeter score calculated?

The Mashmeter Score is a neighborhood evaluation system designed by our engineers to show you which markets are worth investing in. It is a system built on machine intelligence and algorithms that lets you identify good investment opportunities in just minutes. Mashmeter score is based on average returns, occupancy and an overall market health for either short-term or long-term investment

With Mashvisor’s Mashmeter Score, you can easily identify markets that line up with your needs using criteria like listing price, cap rate, occupancy rate, and crime rate. You can say that it is our very own neighborhood valuation system for long-term and vacation rentals.

The Mashmeter Score is expressed in percentage (%) and allows you to easily compare neighborhoods to optimize your return on investment. It is based on quantitative and qualitative data as well as Mashvisor’s own neighborhood analysis.

If you’re basing your property search and investment decision on a single number, the Mashmeter Score is the number to look at.

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