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What is: New Property Page - Property Characteristics
What is: New Property Page - Property Characteristics

This article aims to explain the Property Characteristics section of the new Property Page, the different elements, and what they mean.

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The Property Characteristics section of the New Property Page includes several information and characteristics that a real estate investor needs to know about the property that they want to invest in.

This information is very useful for the investor when deciding whether they want to invest in the property based on the features and amenities that it has, as well as during the stage of marketing and advertising the property by highlighting its best features.

Property Characteristics

Starting from the left side, you will find a list of Facts & Features about the property. These include:

Property Type

This can be a single-family home, townhouse, condo, multi-family home, or other.

Days on Market

This is the number of days that the property has been listed on the market for sale.

Year Built

The year that the property was built, which can be used to determine the age of the property, is an important piece of info when considering maintenance and renovation costs. Typically, the older the property is, the higher its maintenance costs will be, and the lower its price will be.

Lot Size

This is the size of the piece of land on which the property exists, which includes any outside space that is part of the property, such as a garden, a swimming pool...etc.


This is the price of the property divided by its Lot Size, and it is represented as the value in dollars per square foot.


This answers the question: does the property have a parking lot or not, and if so, how many cars can fit in that parking lot.


HOA (Home Owners Association) refers to the HOA fees that the owner of the property has to pay in exchange for the services that the HOA provide for properties in the area or complex. This is most common in condo units that are part of a larger condominium complex.

Owner Occupied

This refers to whether the property is occupied by its owner or by a tenant.


This is the number of units in the property. Typically, unless the property is a multi-family house, the number of units will be 1.

On the right side of this section, you will find the following:

Interior Features

This includes the number of bedrooms/bathrooms in the property as well as their type.

For example, the property might have 2 bathrooms - one that is a full sized bathroom and one that is a half-sized bathroom.

Heating and Cooling

This piece of info is very useful when marketing and advertising the property. Here you can learn whether the property has a heating and a cooling system or not, and the type of system that is being used (Gas, Central...etc.)


The "other" section includes one of our latest additions and a very cool feature to have - the Virtual Tour.

While this isn't included for every property; if a property has a Virtual Tour created for it, clicking on this link will allow you to see a virtual tour of the property, which is an interactive real-time virtual tour that allows you to see the property from the inside as well as from the outside to get a feel of the property and help you check out its features and characteristics.

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