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Property Valuation Analysis and Insights
Property Valuation Analysis and Insights

This article aims to help users understand the use of the valuation analysis and insights tabs on the property analytics page

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On the property analytics page, which shows the different stats, analytics, projected returns, and estimated expenses of the property, you will find a panel on the left side of the page that can take you to different sections of that page related to Valuation Analysis and Insights.

Valuation Analysis

On the Valuation Analysis section, you will be able to view and compare a number of different properties in the area in order to decide whether the property of your choice is the optimal strategy or not.
You will be able to see a table showcasing all the different properties and their stats.

The table will be divided into two sections, which can be switched between using the tabs on the top of the table.

Airbnb Listings
This section of the table will compare properties based on their Airbnb stats and performance.
The table will include the following info for each property:

  • Similarity (this will show you a percentage of how similar this property is compared to the property that you have selected).

  • Distance (this will tell you the distance between this property and the property you have selected)

  • Address

  • Occupancy Rate

  • Nightly Rate

  • Rental Income

  • Rating and Reviews

Traditional Listings
This section will compare the different properties based on the traditional rental strategy, and it includes the following stats for each property:

  • Similarity

  • Distance

  • Number of Bedrooms

  • Number of Bathrooms

  • Monthly Rate

Neighborhood Map
Below the valuation analysis table, you will find a map of the area, allowing you to see each property's precise location.
You can also switch between a map view and a satellite view of the area based on your personal preference.


On the Insights tab on the left-side panel, you will be taken to a section showcasing the property's score based on Mashvisor's data.
this includes the neighborhood's Mashmeter score, and the investment valuation score, which takes into consideration the property's projected returns, including the Cash on Cash Return, Cap Rate, Property Design, Rent Appreciation Rate, and the Neighborhood Rating.

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